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Welcome to Our New Website

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We bring this redesigned web presence to you with two goals in mind.  

Firstly, we felt it necessary to more prominently present our catering and event venue possibilities to the community. 

Take a moment to check out our Thursday Curbside Dinner Specials, our expanded Friday/Saturday Takeout Menu, as well as our menus for Off-site Catering.

Secondly, we have now included a feature for folks to conveniently order takeout dinners online

This service is easier for some than calling their order into the club, and it frankly also takes a burden off of our staff in manning the phones to take orders.  

With that said, you can still call your order the club at (215) 332-0121 if you prefer.

On the technical side, the updated site is now more mobile-friendly and accessible for those with disabilities or slower connections. 

We hope you like our new web presence and are keen to hear your feedback on what you enjoy and what you'd like to see improved. Feel free to drop us a line at